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Who We Are

Growth Architeks is a modern-day management consulting firm specializing in business strategy for the following verticals: Brand, Operations, Growth, and Security. Our primary purpose is to give you elite strategies utilizing an agile approach to architek your venture and scale your business. We’re always looking for gaps and improvements for you, while continuously setting and achieving your goals.

Our Vision →

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What Is An Agile Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur?

An Agile Entrepreneur is a business owner who continuously sets goals relative to the venture and always strives to deliver value to their end consumers, while improving business performance through ongoing optimization and scaling methods.

Business Consulting →

An Agile Intrapreneur is a professional who works within an organization who continuously strives to deliver value within their role in parallel with the company’s mission and goals, while continuously looking for the next opportunity to optimize and scale the business.

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Definition of “Architek”


A person professionally engaged in the planning, organizing, or structuring of a business venture:

The architeks of this new mobile app are pretty savvy.


To plan, organize, or structure in relation to a business venture:

They were meeting to architek their tech company.




Business Consulting

Brand | Operations | Growth | Security

Our verticals are designed to keep the processes and goals of your venture organized and easier to manage. Read up and see how we align each function of your business to a specific vertical and why…


Career Coaching

Navigation | Resume | Interviews | Negotiations

Intrapreneurs, professionals, and transitioning students don’t always have all the answers to accelerate their career. That’s why Growth Architeks has prepared coaching services to make your journey through corporate America that much smoother…


B.A.L.L. Society

Learn & Lounge | Pro Event Space

Entrepreneurs now have a space that caters to them. Do you need a place to hold your meetings besides your local coffee shop? Want to host a small networking event? Do you have a group that meets frequently, but don’t want to use your living room? Our premiere space is in the true central point of Philadelphia…